Who are we?

Genesis to revelations; from the swing of the pendulum to the beginning and end of all things remains the vitalization that courses throughout dynasties and generations. The blood which runs beneath the surface carries emotions that are scarcely presented outwardly. Hatred, anger, wrath; the strength of all embodiments of these that compose a complex emotion is centered at the heart of our nation. The fury of a people wronged – those whom have been betrayed to a horrid extent.

And within this, only jests of cruelty are found from others’ – the witnesses – perspective of the fall.

From the forest of Quel’thalas to its decimated heart, the lyrics which have composed the Thalassian Song are shattered. Blood of forefathers serve as a sick fertilizer for the divinest of the nation; what contributes to power, the epitome of all Sin’dorei-centric culture.

Blood; spilt from the hushed heart of our nation, what brews within this sanguine liquid is tainted by apathy, disregard and ignorance.

Those, whom have remained faithful throughout the beginning, and to the end, shall bask in the dawn that we herald – a blood-bathed path to victory that glosses the very Kingdom’s cobblestone.

From the genesis of a people revolutionized around Dath’remar to the revelations of Sunstrider, those whom hath remained with true body and spirit what we are shall see the Glory; those who have remained what we were destined to be as a people:


We are the strength of a nation, the fury of a people wronged. We are the vitalization of a near-decimated husk of what the Blood elven name once stood for.

Fear us. Revere us.

Within the stories of genesis of a people to the revelations of one life, we have remained; we are those whom herald the new dawn, that which shines over a blood-bedewed forest where the trees remain triumphant and indefatigable in their presence. Where the colour of our enemies’ insides are what paints the High Kingdom to prodigious-standard once more!

For Glory and Vengeance- for the eyes of your Prince’s fel-flared iris remains embodied within the shattered cerulean sky, Sin’dorei!

For Dath’remar, he whom founded the very nation you stand upon!

For your kingdom and people!

For Quel’thalas! For the Sin’dorei!

For The Bloodsworn!

Out - Of - Character Statements

The Bloodsworn is an RP-PvP Blood Elf-supremacist guild primarily dedicated to the domineering-perspective and privately-expressed opinions that all of our recruits hold. That being said, we are a Sin'dorei-composed organization. We are the heart of a nation; we are the arm of a long-forgotten law; we are to revere the name of the sin'dorei once more.

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